Friday, March 14, 2014

Friendship ...

Friendship is to see beyond appearances, is learning to see hearts, and find that both complement beats .
Friendship is discovered behind a layer of light imperfections or defects that dwells in every person makes it special
Friendship is sharing beyond the differences , feelings that make us one .

Friendship is to learn to laugh for joy that it does not own but feel as such , and mourn one another pain hurts and weighs as your own , as you become one with the person who is your friend.
Friendship is to remember that we are not alone in this world, we are not an island , however we are part of a soul that beats to the beat of a thousand hearts together.

Friendship is to discover that we can give life to someone else, but that's no sacrifice for us , without expecting anything in return , for the joy of the friend is our best reward .
Friendship is to see your way and realize that your footsteps are not marked unique , there are others who have walked with you.
Friendship is to discover a hand next to yours when you thought you did not have to support you , we see you open a door when the rest of the world closed to you.

Friendship is to discover a look that says more than all the words in the world, and learn to decipher the message in them there because a friend will always know more about you than you could tell .
Friendship is to collect one by one the tears, and one to one transform into the more open smile , is to regain that hope you thought lost, and is able to return it intact in the hands of the beloved person .

Many came to share your life your way, but only true friends leave their mark
Many came to share part of your life , but only true friend managed to get into your heart
Many will want to be part of your history, but only true friends will create lasting memories in it .